Weekly Update (17-5-2015)

Can we trade accuracy for cost?

Looking at many of the pH sensors, with their $10 (or more!) probes, along with supporting electronics, I begin to wonder if such accuracy is really needed...

Many plants have a decent pH range in which they are happy, most plants have at least a 0.5 range, and some up to 1.0.

So, the real question is, can we throw some electrodes and supporting electronics and come up with a pH sensor that costs much less, but isn't nearly as accurate?

Hopefully, in the coming week, I'll have an update.

And what about EC?

EC is s/cm. Again, most plants have a nutrient range that they're happy with. Assuming that measure the resistance between two points moderately accurately, measuring EC (without a $10+ probe) should be feasible. Again, hopefully this week will tell.