Weekly Update (13-2-2017)

Currently working on two main themes, hydroponics and knitting machines.

The Feather board has been coming along nicely. The only portion of the design that remains is the integration of the pH sensor. This is mostly because the work that was done with it was several months ago, so there's 2 pages of math and equations, and zero English. Comments are just as important in doing math as in programming it seems.

The Circular Knitic has the majority of its part in, all that remains are the laser cut part and the power supply. The existing documentation is, incomplete, at best. So it seems that a portion of time will have to be dedicated towards redocumenting everything.

The Open Knit has had more of its parts printed out, but that's all the progress on that section.

Also been working on making some 3d printed molds for casting items for sale. Hopefully soon it will be complete and I'll have some pictures up. Another goal is to get tutorials up for all the etsy items that are for sale. While many of the items are fairly simple, it may not be so simple for others, and hopefully can serve as a good starting point.