Updates and a small pivot.

It's been a while since there has been an update. Silent but not motionless. There's been a small pivot from hydroponics. Due to high energy costs, it's not very profitable to grow and produce just about any food crop. The only real option is something like pot. Sadly, I don't really have an interest in drugs, only food, so that's out of the question. Plus, it's a crowded space, and that's never any fun. So, I've been taking my plant systems and slowly converting them to growing a variety of mushrooms.

A crop is starting, not using my hardware, but more traditional methods, as I've never grown any mushrooms before, and I'd like to get some experience doing it the traditional way, before I start changing things up.

I've always hated the name "AquaCedar", and I'll hopefully be searching for a new name that I like.

Etsy has been pretty successful, I've been shipping out lots of cat pillows. It's not the most glamorous work, but it buys mushroom kits, so who am I to complain? Plus, they are super cute. I've been trying to work more towards marketing my stuff. It's pointless if it just sits there, unsold.

I've finally started writing code for my SKDB redo. I've called it Harp, short for HARdware Packager. It's a decent chunk of work, but hopefully we'll get something up in running in a bit. Lots more to do in that department.

I have some repairs to do to the knitting machine, but hopefully I'll have it running and pumping out scarves for the winter, and charity.