Exploding Firework Stencil


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A cute little exploding firework stencil. Perfect for labeling packages, bins or anything else to give a it more festive, cheerful look!

Comes in two different varieties, paper and plastic. The paper version is cut out of 65lb cardstock, and is well suited for curved surfaces. The plastic is a 3d printed, 2mm thick, ridged plastic square. Much more durable than the paper version, however is not flexible.

You can order a single paper, 4 copies of the paper version or 1 plastic version. The actual colors of the cardstock and plastic used will vary based on the colors I have on hand, or loaded into the printer.

Original Design by James Keuning. Alterations for proper stencilability and 3d printability by Tim Butram. Licensed CC-BY, so please! Modify, remix and share!


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