Bulbasaur Pencil Holder and Planter


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What a cute Bulbasaur!

This cute little guy would be a perfect addition to any desk, table or window sill. Cast from resin, and hand painted, this little go is a solid piece of plastic and would brighten up any room in the home. Perfect for pens, pencils, brushes or small succulents, take your very own Pokémon home today!

# How Bulbasaur was made.

These baby Bulbasaurs were made through a week long crafting process.

First, they were modeled using Blender, in a low poly style. I’d like to thank Thingiverse for exposing me to this cool looking style of art, it really looks great when printed out!

Speaking of 3D printing, after being modeled, little bulby was then printed out on my 3D printer. This was a 9 hour print! Thankfully it came out right the first time.

Then the fun part…priming and sanding.

There were 3 coats of filler primer, with each coat followed by a round of sanding with 220 grit sandpaper.

Then, a coat of primer, followed by a sanding with 400 grit paper, yet another coat of primer, finishing off with a sanding at 800.

Let me tell you, after all that, it was so smooth you would never know it was originally 3D printed. I’m also really sick of sanding.

Then he was put into a plastic container, and 3 pounds of silicone were poured in to make a mold.

After that, a resin was mixed, poured in the mold, and 5 minutes later, BAM, a new baby Bulbasaur was born!

The little one got painted up, and a nice pretty clear coat, and now bulby is ready to be adopted! He’s nearly a pound in weight (14 ounces), and feels very solid for his size.

Adopt today!


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