1. Kratky Hydroponic method in Mason Jars

    I've wanted to try out some different hydroponic methods. One of them was the Kratky method. No pumps nor recirculation at all. Basically just some contained water and light. Awesome! Sounds simple.

    So, to simplify things, I've went and painted some mason jars black, and printed out some net pots …

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  2. 1/4" HR Valve Adapter

    So, I have a friend who needed an HR Valve that was useful...if you search online for HR Valve adapters, all you find are ones with a 3/4"ish barb on it. Which, if you are wanting to use an air compressor, you have to have quite a …

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  3. Spoonflower Gimp and Inkscape Palette

    I've been playing around with some of [Spoonflower] (http://spoonflower.com) fabrics. One of the small challenges that I've had is matching the colors they've picked as their fabric palette. They have a palette file (a .ase, used for Adobe products), but since I try my best to use FOSS …

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  4. Cat pillows and bells.

    New option!

    Some ideas are obvious after they've been thought, including the fact that cats love jingly things!

    But their owners don't always, and that's why it's an optional add on to all cat pillows! If you're cat loves bells, but you don't, you don't have to order them with …

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  5. Catnip


    Catnip is the most familier plant used for cat enjoyment. Also called catmint, about 70% of cats enjoy it.

    Can be dried and saved for later, as well as buds saved for maximum cat enjoyment.


    Catnip enjoys well draining soil, and moderate sunlight. Does extremely well being grown …

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