How to make a simple cat pillow.

Making a catnip pillow that your cat will love is super easy. All it takes is a small section of fabric, stuffing, catnip (of course!) and a needle and thread.

First start with a 4" by 7" piece of fabric. I generally use 100% cotton fabric.

Step One

It gets folded in half, wrong side out.

Step Two

Then, we sew 3 and a half sides around.

Step Three

Any type of straight stitch is fine. Typically the fabric fails before the stitching does.

Fold it right side out

Step Four

Now we add some catnip! Typically, for normally stuffed pillow, I use three (heaping!) scoops. If you're feeling extra generous, fill it all up with catnip, and skip the stuffing step. Your cat will love that! 💏

Step Five

If your pillow isn't stuffed to the brim with catnip, it's time to add stuffing!

You can get polyester stuffing from any craft store, or even many grocery stores!

Step Six

Once it's stuffed, pin it closed, to aid in sewing in the next step.

Step Seven

And then, sew it shut!

Step Eight

And finally, remove the pin and let your little rascal play with it!

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Don't feel like buying fabric, sewing, and stuffing? Well, you can purchase pre-made pillows from us!