1. Weekly Update (13-3-2017)

    Skipped a day, simply because not much to update.

    Laser cut parts ship tomorrow! That means lots of picture taking of the circle loom, as assembly can finally start.

    Lots of new Etsy stuff, from the finished Bulbasaur planter/pencil holder, earrings and 3d printed objects, starting with cookie cutters …

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  2. Weekly Update (27-2-2017)

    Worked on the electronics case for the circle knit so that it no longer requires to be laser cut, and can now be 3D printed. Since laser cutting is so much more expensive than 3D printing, this does save on some cost. Of course the original files are still there …

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  3. Weekly Update (20-2-2017)

    The Feather hydroponics board is nearly designed. Hopefully by the end of March a working prototype will be complete and ordered.

    A quote for the circle knit laser cut parts has been sent out. That plus a small power supply are the only missing parts. Assembly should be complete in …

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  4. Weekly Update (6-2-2017)

    Currently working on two main themes, hydroponics and knitting machines.

    Designing a Feather compatible board that will let you monitor parameters essential to hydroponics, namely EC, pH, humidity and temperature. The overall goal of this board to to get all these sensors at a BOM under $5, with a sale …

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