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  1. Mushrooms and Harp

    Mushrooms are growing! Little tiny baby ones, which is pretty neat. Hopefully, they'll be full grown, or nearly enough, by the next update.

    There's been some pretty major updates to harp, with the materials having a proper webpage. Hopefully the first print will be done by the weekend.

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  2. Filanew.

    One of the goals of WorldsProject is long term sustainability. Like any deep space vehicle, we need to recycle our resources so that we can use them tomorrow.

    As a result, Filanew has done a soft launch. This service allows people to send in their used, potentially discarded, filament, and …

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  3. Updates and a small pivot.

    It's been a while since there has been an update. Silent but not motionless. There's been a small pivot from hydroponics. Due to high energy costs, it's not very profitable to grow and produce just about any food crop. The only real option is something like pot. Sadly, I don't …

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