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Spoonflower Gimp and Inkscape Palette

I’ve been playing around with some of Spoonflower fabrics. One of the small challenges that I’ve had is matching the colors they’ve picked as their fabric palette. They have a palette file (a .ase, used for Adobe products), but since I try my best to use FOSS, I can’t directly use those. I tend to use either GIMP or Inkscape for all my graphical work. Most of the convertors I’ve found are old and unmaintained, so they didn’t work well. Then I found gpick, which worked wonderfully! Certainly saved me the trouble of having to write something that converted from ase to gpl.

But, if you don’t feel like downloading it, I’ve also attached the converted Spoonflower palette!

GIMP Inkscape Spoonflower Colormap

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Cat pillows and bells.

New option!

Some ideas are obvious after they’ve been thought, including the fact that cats love jingly things!

But their owners don’t always, and that’s why it’s an optional add on to all cat pillows! If you’re cat loves bells, but you don’t, you don’t have to order them with it. We’ll keep it between us.

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Catnip is the most familier plant used for cat enjoyment. Also called catmint, about 70% of cats enjoy it.

Can be dried and saved for later, as well as buds saved for maximum cat enjoyment.


Catnip enjoys well draining soil, and moderate sunlight. Does extremely well being grown via hydroponics. Enjoys a wide range of ph from 6.5 to 7.8. In soil the cat likes approximately 25×25 cm of space per plant.

Very flexible, and very hardy.


Catnip blooms from July through October. After the flowers mature, seeds form. I am not entirely sure if the blooming and seeding process is time or temperature dependant. Most likely both.

Seeds take 7-10 days to germinate. It can be easily started indoors due to the plants flexibility.


Catnip is essentially a weed. It will grow in most conditions, and loves to spread. Easy to grow, dry and prepare for all cats. Uses a similar nutrient blend as any lettuce, so any hydroponic project will be successful as well.

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