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Kratky Hydroponic method in Mason Jars

I’ve wanted to try out some different hydroponic methods. One of them was the Kratky method. No pumps nor recirculation at all. Basically just some contained water and light. Awesome! Sounds simple.

So, to simplify things, I’ve went and painted some mason jars black, and printed out some net pots to hold some catnip plants. I’ve started some catnip in my planters outside, and I’m hoping to get some growing inside as well. I’d love to put my own catnip inside of the pillows I sell.

The net pots I got from thingiverse and for the parameters I came up with the following STL: Mason Jar Netpot

Print one out today! Grow some plants!


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1/4″ HR Valve Adapter

So, I have a friend who needed an HR Valve that was useful…if you search online for HR Valve adapters, all you find are ones with a 3/4″ish barb on it. Which, if you are wanting to use an air compressor, you have to have quite a collection of different fittings and adapters to connect.

Well, we found one on thingiverse and it worked mostly well. But at 99% scale, it fits perfectly!

I’m also going to sell printed ones here, and on Etsy, Amazon and eBay. Because why not? It was printed at:

  • 0.99 scale.
  • 20% infil
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • using PLA plastic

So if you have a printer of your own, print it instead of buying! Otherwise I’m selling them at $10. Mine include pretty packaging though, so if you’d like that, please buy!