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  1. How to make a simple cat pillow.

    Making a catnip pillow that your cat will love is super easy. All it takes is a small section of fabric, stuffing, catnip (of course!) and a needle and thread.

    First start with a 4" by 7" piece of fabric. I generally use 100% cotton fabric.

    Step One

    It gets folded in …

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  2. Recent work.

    Work has slowed a bit on HARP, mostly due to lack of real 'projects' to place into it. Legos are fine, but they aren't real items, and I'd like to have actual utility to make it worth using HARP.

    Thus, KittyKube was born. A DIY Cat tree builder, with the …

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  3. Lye and PLA

    I was reading some old nophead blog posts and I found a small part on how pla dissolves in lye. Which is interesting because it would be nice if there was an equivalent to acetone smoothing for pla.

    I'll have to do some tests later.

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